Adolescent Treatment


s-braces1.jpgTypically, when most of the permanent teeth have erupted, fixed orthodontic appliances (braces) can be placed. The best time to place braces for girls is approximately ages 11-12 and for boys ages 11- 14. These times may vary depending on the rate development and maturity of the patient.

Most children this age are experiencing growth spurts. An orthodontist can use this rapid growth to assist in the process of correcting the bites, especially the more difficult ones such as narrow dental arches and severe overbites.

Another reason this is a good time to start orthodontic treatment is because at age 12 or 13 it is still “cool” to have braces and thus it is easier to secure the patient’s cooperation. Patient cooperation is vital for a good final orthodontic result. In our clinic we consistently find that if the patient is cooperative we can finish their treatment significantly sooner.

Our goal is to provide correctly aligned teeth with ideal jaw function and a beautiful smile!