“I would highly recommend Clawson Orthodontics if you are looking for professional staff to take care of your Orthodontic needs. Dr. Stonecypher is very knowledgeable, exhibits great attention to detail, and is friendly and approachable. He listens to patient concerns and finds solutions in a timely manner. The office space is clean and appointment wait times are minimal. My braces were completed within the time frame that I was given at my first visit. I’m SO happy with my results!”
-Hannah, September 2018

“My experience with Dr. Stonecypher and his team at Clawson Orthodontics was a very pleasant and rewarding one. My two sons received the best possible orthodontic treatment - very professional and caring staff and the results were amazing. I would highly recommend their services to anyone.”
-Angela, June 2018

"Clawson Orthodontics are the most professional, personable, and caring orthodontists! They have cared for and corrected three members of our family's teeth over the past few years, and have done a phenomenal job with each of us. All staff are friendly, sensitive, and genuine. The office staff always greet you with a warm smile, the technicians are incredibly personable and understanding, and Dr. Clawson and Dr. Stonecypher have a wealth of expertise. Outstanding patient care and service. Thank you Clawsons!"
-Anne, September, 2017

"I just wanted to say thank you again, I am so pleased with the results and couldn't be more happier how my teeth/smile looks:) thank you for always being so kind and friendly when I come to my appointments, and thank you for all the work you did with my teeth. I truly appreciate it and feel beautiful with my perfect teeth :) :)"
-Victoria, July, 2017

“I would definitely recommend this place! The staff are all very friendly and they were super accommodating in sending me several sets of aligners while I was away for several months so I wouldn't be set back in my progress. I’m very happy with the finish results of my teeth and happy with my permanent retainer. Thank you Clawson Orthodontics!”
-Ellen, January 2016

"I saw [a patient] for [their] recall visit today. I'm happy with what a great job you did orthodontically. I'm very impressed with the way you have bent the lingual and palatal wires. It makes flossing so much easier. I spend hours training patients how to floss below lingual wires. They need to wear them 5 years or even longer. You have made their life easier. I advocate that my patients ask their orthodontist that this type of lingual wire be placed since their patient will need to floss under the wire for years. Patients don't often do it. They have swollen, inflamed, and bleeding gums. I discussed your modification of the lingual arch wire with [the patient] and [they say] all [their] friends are very happy in Chilliwack area the way that you treat patients. Congratulations. I wish I had more patients living in the East Fraser Valley who I could refer to you."
-Dr. Bob Patton, August, 2013